Hi there!

My Name is Florentin Raud.
I have a passion for anything computers since I got my first one.
I used to be an IT Ops for a living.
That mainly involved dealing with Linux system administration.
FOSS are important to me, not only because i make a living running linux servers, but because freedom matters.
I try to promote the devops culture because collaboration works.
I'm also a member of non-profit associations revolving around these interest.
To name a couple that are doing a great job :


Here is a list of open source project I contributed to:


I have a few pet project, usually created out of a particulary need:



I enjoy playing all kind of video games since i first play on my Master System.
My all time favourites would be the Civilization series and Quake III Arena.
Im currently playing pixel dugeon and its fork shattered pixel dungeon.
Board games are quite a pleasant way to spend an evening, i enjoy particulary the Settlers of Catan, zombicide or a simple Munchkin game.
I don't mind kicking a ball around or wiggling a racquet when the weather is nice.

That's all folks!
Thanks for reading.