I went to configuration management camp in Ghent just after FOSDEM.
I'm not sure it is wise to chain conferences, but did it anyway.

Overall, I'm not impressed about the experience.
The website was lacking information and even misleading (I'm not going to talk about the open street map pointing somewhere random, it deserves its own post). The organisation left a lot to be desired on site too.
Finally, being a multi-track event and some of the rooms being far away from each other made it very difficult to have a sense of choice.
That mean, I likely won't be going there next time.

Now looking into it a bit in details, some of the talks were really good.
The panels were also worth watching.
One of my favourite quote happened during the panel Next steps in Configuration Management.
While there is a representative from Chef, Ansible and Salt, Luke Kanies from Puppet goes like this "every person on stage today is throwing away & building from scratch what people coming before have built".
This is a good summary of the situation for configuration management tooling.

I also like the last talk of the day about packaging with omnibus and fpm-cookery.
I strongly feel that docker is once again blurring the line and mixing concepts.
When it comes to packaging, I think docker is a great way to produce a repeatable environment to build them. I'tm not convinced it is a great delivery tool.
As Jan Ivar Beddari put it, building packages and delivering them is two different task and should not be done within one docker instance.

The one thing that is to remember from the trip was the magnificent fries I got downtown of a food truck.
There is much more to say about the 2 days, but I doubt it is worth reading.